A Few Words About Us

Book your Rajasthan tour with Tarun Tours, and let our India travel specialists give you the holiday of your dreams.
What makes Tarun Tours unique and special is the fact, that each of our consultants has over 5 years of experience of handling and designing tours in the Rajasthan subcontinent, and most of the have personally experienced the product and the destinations. Contact us and find the India tour that is perfect for you, or email us your requirements, and let us custom design your tour.

Why Choose Us

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  • There is a lot to do when taking a group of students on a trip. By hiring Tarun tour guide to plan your travel you can focus on more important things.
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  • We are reputable travel professionals who understand the flow of your itinerary. This means your trip is planned to insure efficiency in travel time.
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  • Tarun tours have travel industry experience and relationships that allow bargaining power. Since we work with these companies often, we have developed relationships with them.
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  • We know the lay of the land and where the best food is. By having Tarun tours save time trying to navigate a new city on your own.


Most memorable - the amazing places we stayed and the wonderful people we met most exciting - being driven through the streets of Delhi, it got the adrenaline pumping anyway!

Rahul Sharma

We had many memorable and exciting experiences from this trip. Some of the local villages we visited were fantastic in terms of getting a glimpse of rural life in Rajasthan.

Vijay Gupta

The Camel Fair at Pushkar. To see so many camels and horses assembled in one spot was awesome. All thanks to Tarun tours.

Kamal Boran